September 2017 - Babies Parent Cue



BASIC TRUTH:  God loves me
Who is always with you?
God is always with me.


When you go in your baby’s room this month say, “Good morning sweet boy/girl! Mommy/Daddy loves you and God loves you! You are so loved!”


(Sing to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”) “God is always with you night and day, while you sleep and while you play. He will never leave you; He’ll always stay. God loves you all night and day.”


Cuddle up with your baby this month and pray, “Dear God, thank You for giving [child’s name] to me. I love him/her so much. Help me to trust that You are always with him/her. I love You, God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


As you bathe your baby this month say, “God loves YOU!” (Touch his/her nose or bellybutton when you say “YOU.”) Continue doing this throughout bath time.

From the Parent Cue Blog:


by Sue Miller

When you first have a baby, there are many questions you start to wonder about parenting, like . . .  what have I gotten myself into?! You may also begin to wonder as you wipe the spit-up off your shirt . . . Am I doing anything that really matters?
Perhaps you secretly set a few goals for yourself for the day. Maybe you hoped to do any of the following:
Write a bestselling book
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Learn Chinese
Run a half marathon
Cook a 7-course dinner
This is actually what you were able to accomplish instead: Kept three tiny humans alive, clothed, fed, changed, rested, and entertained.
Parenting is not the flashiest of gigs. It’s made up of hundreds of small, repetitive tasks. Nobody claps when you change nine newborn diapers a day. Or finally convince them to try the baby peas. Surprisingly, there are no awards for the stamina it takes to hold a baby and make dinner one-handed. But it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve one. . . 

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