Crossroads Baptism Celebration

We will be celebrating Jesus’ grace through baptism during Baptism Celebration weekend!

When is Baptism Celebration Weekend?

Boyce Road – June 24-25
Cranberry – July 30
East Liberty – June 25
North Fayette – June 24-25
Weirton – June 25

What form will the baptisms be done?

By immersion.  At Crossroads we baptize in all ways: sprinkling, pouring, and — this weekend — we are doing it by immersion.

Who should consider being baptized?

– Anyone who has made a commitment to Christ who has not yet been baptized.

– Those who want to renew their commitment to Christ.

What if I’ve already been baptized?

While we don’t “rebaptize” we will do a reaffirmation of baptism for those who desire it.  You can be dunked, too.  :)

What do I wear?

– Long shorts or pants

– Dark-color shirt

Women: we suggest a bathing suit top for under the t-shirt.

– Bring dry clothes and a towel

Provided in changing area:  hair-dryers, plastic bags for valuables

Share your faith!

Invite a friend (especially unchurched) to see you baptized.  Maybe they will be next!

Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey?

Make the decision today to be baptized during our Crossroads Baptism Celebration weekend.  Fill out the form below to pre-register.